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walker mill hydro llc

“The Walker Mill Dam facility was our first small hydro development effort in the US, being now close to operation shows that we can get to the finish line from development to operation. Our business model in which our strategic partners lead the construction and subsequently undertakes the operation, demonstrates how critical the synergies are to deliver. We enter now a new expansion phase, where we are pursuing other transactions and where we welcome partners”

Frederic Reveiz (Managing Member and Lead Developer):


The 750 kW run-of-river hydroelectric Walker Mill Dam project is quite a remarkable development story that shows the knowhow, the commitment, the persistence and the passion of the team. Asilea bought the site located in Schuyler Virginia where the 35-feet height and 265 feet long concrete dam seats across the Rockfish River. The Virginia Soapstone Company built the dam and the powerhouse in the early 1900’s. It provided electricity to the company for over almost 50 years and operated again for about 10 years until 1996 selling power to the local utility. After executing its long term PPA with AEP´s Appalachian Power Company; completing engineering and permitting with federal, state and local agencies and, completing the financing, Asilea together with its partners initiated the rehabilitation of the facility and contracted with Littoral Power Systems Inc. (LPS) the completion and commissioning of the project.The Rehabilitation has created work within the local community and has procured equipment with high local content. The Walker Mill dam hydro facility is scheduled to enter into operation in 2022. It will provide renewable power during the year to an equivalent of nearly 500 households and will sell its environmental attributes through Renewable Energy Credits in the State of Maryland.