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Projects in France

ÔMoulin  S.A.

The group owns and is developing two small sites under 150 KW in France:

  • Moulin de Maurel in Mazamet located in the South of France, 90 kilometers east of Toulouse. The project  has water rights on the Arnette river dating from the 16th century. A factory building is at the site allowing for the development of hydro and solar power and for  the potential installation of and electrolyzer  able to produce 45kg/H2 per day, to feed green hydrogen for a fleet off forklift or commercial vehicles
  • Moulin de la Terrière in Ruelle-sur-Trouve is located near the town of Angoulême, 120 kilometersnorth of Bordeaux. The project  has water rights on the Trouve  river and currently operates a hydroelectric wheel. Permitting is ongoing to expand the capacity with low head generating equipment and potentially using hydrokinetics energy. The site will be also used for R&D of small size Archimedes screws