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Harris Bridge Hydro llc

The Harris Bridge Dam has a special place for our team: we have been there so many times, we know it well since it is just 1 mile upstream from Walker Mill and we understand the water flows. But also, it has this particular potential for innovation and development on the long canal that gets the Rockfish water to the powerhouse: it is almost like the perfect lab!

Frederic Reveiz (Managing Member and Lead Developer):


The almost 400 KW hydrofacility is located about one(1) mile upstream from the Walker Mill Dam project in Virginia. Asilea is redeveloping the project, which take water from the Rockfish river through a 500 feet canal to the power house where two generating units take advantage of a 19-feet water drop created by the Harris bridge dam, built in the early 20th. Asilea is also assessing using hydrokinetics energy in the canal to generate additional power. The energy will be sold to Central Virginia Energy Corp (CVEC) under long term power purchase agreement.