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"In one sentence:we are a power project development platform." 

Core Team

Frédéric Reveiz

Core Team

Gérard Chassard

Core Team

Gérard Malengé

Core team

John Rezaiyan

Partner - Board Member

Derek Martin

Partner - Board Member

Guillaume Charon

We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

We deploy our project development and project financing expertise in power and energy projects.

We Develop for us: We originate; develop and own power & energy projects; We invest, raise funding and financing to achieve project or transaction closing. We partner with strategic partners for construction and operation management.

We develop for others: We provide project development services for third parties entities or developers.



  • 2003

    Asilea was incorporated in the US by ex-KMR Power Corporation, AES corporation and later ex.EDF members.

  • 2004

    Asilea, as part of the K&M team, advised Senelec (Senegal) on the 67 MW Kounoune IPP tender and PPA negotiations leading to closing and execution of the project.

  • 2006

    Asilea advised Sierra Rutile mining in Sierra Leone to secure short, medium and long-term power

  • 2008

    Asilea advised ECCO, part of the Zamil Group (Middle East Developer) on development and financing of utilities services companies in the Middle East including the 40,000 T/day Hadeed District Cooling Plant (DCP) in Jubail Saudi. 

  • 2009

    Asilea executed a MoU with local developer to undertake the development of the small Lily hydroelectric Project in Madagascar and undertook the development and the raising of funding.

  • 2011

    Asilea was part of the team advising EGL in the central region of Africa in the structuring of 147 MW PPP Ruzizi 3 hydroelectric project. 

  • 2012

    Asilea was part of the K&M team undertaking on behalf of the Government the commercial, financial and technical audit of the Ambatovy Nickel Mine in Madagascar which included 120 MW power installed capacity.     

  • 2013

    Asilea Enterprise Corporation (AEC) was incorporated in the US to undertake small to medium sized scale sustainable power project development, particularly in the hydroelectric sector.

  • 2013

    Asilea team was assigned to AEC to develop the WMD Project.

  • 2014

    AEC acquired the Walker Mill Dam (WMD) site for rehabilitation in Schuyler Virginia, US and initiated development.

  • 2015

    AEC completed all permitting for its WMD Project.

  • 2016

    AEC executed the long term PPA for its WMD project with Appalachian Power (APCO) a subsidiary of AEP, a public traded utility in the US.

  • 2016

    Asilea Managing Member and founder, Frederic Reveiz, was appointed, as part of the Power Africa team, as Lead Investment Officer at the African Development Bank (AfDB) for power private sector operation. During his time at the AfBD, Mr. Reveiz participated in the financial close of two hydro-IPPs in Africa.

  • 2018

    AEC shareholders executed a stock purchase agreement with Rickly Hydrological Co, Inc. (Rickly), for Rickly to acquire interest in AEC.

  • 2019

    Rickly took partial ownership on AEC. WMD project financial close was completed and construction was initiated. As part of our social responsability engagement we invested and supported a small agrobusiness in Côte d´Ivoire.

  • 2020

    Our US new investment company, Asilea Green Corp (AGC), was incorporated and funded.
    ÔMoulin SA was incorporated in France.
    Acquisition of Moulin de Maurel site in  Mazamet France was completed.


  • 2021

    WMD project was refinanced, Riclky transfered ownership and a new partner was brought. EPC to complete was executed with Littoral Power Systems Inc.(LPS).
    Acquisition of Moulin de la Terrièré hydro site was completed.
    Agreement to acquire  Harris Bridge Hydro site in Virginia was executed.

  • 2022

    WMD is under construction.
    Derek Martin joined as partner of Asilea´s group and as board member.
    Guillaume Charon  joined Asilea´s group as partner and as board member of operations in France.
    Acquisition of Harris Bridge hydro was completed.


Core Team has many years of experience in the power industry having worked for large Independent Power Producers (IPP) and Utilities, such as AES and EDF. They participated in transactions which achieved financial close, were build and entered in operation. They understand what is needed to get projects done.


Provides development services for power and energy related projects in the structuring, development, financing, construction or operation phase. Its members have particular expertise in Africa, Latina America, Europe and the USA.  


Develops small to medium sized renewable energy, particularly hydro projects, mainly in the United States, but also pursue opportunities in other markets such as in France and some Latin American and African countries.

Natural Gas

Actively tracks and participates in Natural Gas markets either through its involvement in power projects or through the management of a portfolio of gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) related stocks and indexes.