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  • We originate, develop, and own power & energy projects

  • We invest, we raise funding and financing to achieve project or transaction closing

  • We provide project development services for third party entities or developers

  • We follow and analyze energy markets to support our own or third party decision-making

We  develop and own sustainable and environmentally responsible small to medium-sized energy & power project which optimize resources such as hydro, solar, wind cogeneration, and natural gas. 

We carefully originate opportunities and bring simple and innovative solutions (e.g rehabilitation of existing assets), working with Strategic Partners to fast-track their implementation.

We approach our clients’ undertakings, small or large, with the same high quality work as if they were our own.


Asilea group of companies include: Asilea Resources LLC manages project development, provides transactions services and owns and manages power projects; Asilea Green Corporation invests in power projects; and ÔMoulin SA develops owns and manages small hydropower sites in France.

our development approach is practical:

carefully select niche-type opportunities in the hydroelectric sector as well as other sustainable energy technologies; focus on projects that we can develop or re-develop reasonably fast to quickly turn the assets into a revenues generating facility selling to solid off-takers or/and into organized markets.

We started our  business over 15 years ago, with a group of people with a background strictly focused on power project development.
We have a genuine power development attitude, knowledge and drive.

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